Andries Jacobus (Andre) Van der Merwe (19 Feb 1960 - 3 Apr 2017)

Funeral Service

3Ci Church 56 Saal Street Pretoria 0036
7th Apr 2017
Funeral Director
Grobbelaars Funeral Services, Riviera

In loving memory of Andries Jacobus (Andre) Van der Merwe who sadly passed away on 3rd April 2017

Faith Love wrote

The Bible shows that God has both the ability and the desire to bring back the dead. He keeps in his limitless memory a detailed record of each person he will resurrect by means of his almighty power. (Job 37:23; Matthew 10:30; Luke 20:37, 38) God is able to restore the dead to life, and he wants to! Describing the coming resurrection, the Bible says of God: “You will long for the work of your hands.”—Job 14:15. May faith and hope in these promises bring your loved ones comfort during this difficult time.

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